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Bingo & Chili Cook-Off

Marshall Rotary History

The Marshall Rotary Club was established on February 19, 1924.

Charter Members of Club Number 2943

Abbott, Nelson A.            Good, Henry J.            More, Ellsworth B.

Adams, Bishop B.             Grant, Roy F.                Page, Edwin B.

Allen, Ethan A.                 Greenfield, E.D.            Porterfield, Dr. G.D.

Billings, C.H.                      Grohens, Albert P.      Powers, Dr. F.G.

Brooks, Harold C.            Keicher, Rev. R.F.       Sherman, Lee C.

Cox, Robert R.                  King, Fred E.                 Simmons, William R.

Cronin, Jay H.                  Mackey, James W.      Smyth, John R.

Gesner, Dr. G.B.               Miller, Craig C.             Wrench, Harry K.